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Our Australian made, ecologically friendly slings are:
  • incredibly simple to use
  • very affordable and durable
  • perfect for discreet breast-feeding
  • a great help in soothing fussy babies
  • suitable from birth through to toddler
  • a very good way to allow hands to be free
  • great for providing correct support for baby's head and spine
  • without any buckles, frames, rings, straps, padding or metres of excess fabric
  • made by a family business since 2003
  • the first and the best Australian-made, organic slings on the market

Organic Nurture Sling $55 + postage
Nurture Sling $45 + postage
Receive FREE postage on any order of 2 or more slings!

The easiest baby carrier to learn how to use, just put it on and place baby in!

The Nurture Sling
® is a pouch that is designed to carry your baby either horizontally, inclined or vertically. Worn traditionally, a wide piece of fabric runs over your shoulder and across your back, forming a pouch at the front in which to carry your baby. Your child feels included in your activities and babies are free to observe all that goes on around them.

These slings are the final result of development of a practical, stylish, affordable and very comfortable eco-sling. The symmetrical design makes it easy to switch shoulders and also to breast-feed evenly. The sling can be worn with the baby in front or side.

We offer the Nurture Sling
® in certified organic or conventionally grown cotton/lycra. They are all made here in Australia, sweatshop free. Only premium thread is used and the supporting seam of each sling is triple stitched. Our organic fabrics are premium quality and we offer beautiful organic prints and plain colours.