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A sample of some feedback:

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much myself and my baby love our Nurture Sling! My son is 7 months old now and we have used our sling every day since he was 3 months old! He just loves the joey hold. We have a few other expensive baby carriers but I would venture to say that the Nurture Sling is our favourite:) We love it so much I have just purchased another in a larger size so my partner can carry our baby also:) Thanks for such a great and affordable product! Warm wishes Dee and baby Sonny!

I just wanted to send you a huge Thank you. I have a six week old boy, who won’t sleep when out of my or my husband’s arms, and he absolutely hated the upright baby carrier I bought. I’ve used this sling all afternoon and he’s sound asleep and I’ve managed to cook dinner and clean the house; small tasks to some, but this has given me happiness! Emma.

I am having my third child in June. My eldest is nearly 7 years old and I had a Nurture Sling for her (Evie) then I used it for my son (Archie). I can’t find it and couldn’t imagine having a baby without one of your slings! Especially this time round when I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old where I will be in and out a lot. Thank you. Alison.

I would just like to say, this is the best thing that I have ever bought. Thank you! Michelle.

Just received the sling, couldn't wait to get her into it. I almost cried, I love it so much. When you have a premmie baby and one that was sick you feel that you have been ripped off from alot of the bonding process. When I popped her into the sling I couldn't believe it, it feels like she is in my tummy again. I get to have the sensation of the last month and a half that I missed out on. Thank you so much for a great product that also helps premmie mums emotionally. Katharyn.

We have just ordered our Fifth Nurture Sling and thought it was time to say cheers for making such a fantastic product. My wife and I get the sling for all our friends and family with babies and use them our selves all the time, our little girl Maisie loves it! We use it instead of a pram when we are shopping and on walks, it is so convenient, and it settles Maisie when nothing else will.
The value for money, simple but versatile and ingenious design and effectiveness have certainly won us over and we recommend it to anyone looking for an all-in-one simple solution to settling troubled babies, freeing up hands to do housework whilst keeping the baby close, avoiding complicated and expensive carriers and other sling products and parents who just don't like being away from their babies! Of all the products I have seen and used (and I used to work in a big Baby store) this is hands down the best and as a bonus it is the cheapest. Well done and keep up the great work! Josh & Nadine

I just wanted to thank you very much for the great sling design! My little one is 3 months old and just loves his  sling. It's the best way to take him out and about (beats having to cart the pram around, as the sling fits inside my bag!) It's also a sure-fire way to calm him when he's agitated. A great product! Thanks again. Cheers, Zoe.

I've had the Nurture Sling for about a week now, and it's fab. It's easy and fast to put on, easy to wear, Gemma likes it, she'll go to sleep in it, it fits in my handbag when I'm not using it. In short it's everything it's maker said it would be. It has nice deep sides so bub is well held in and would take quite an effort for them to fall out, unless you were bending right over and they pitched themselves out, but that would be true for pretty much all slings I would think. It fits like a sash across your chest and the weight of the baby is on your shoulder and opposite hip. It takes about 10 minutes of wearing to get used to it but after that I found it quite comfortable, even when wearing it for a couple of hours. Best of all it should fit her up to age 2+ or too heavy to carry whichever comes first. Mindy. (

Thanks so much for the sling, it arrived today and Penny (8wks) fell asleep snoring within minutes of trying it out! I had a "Hug a Bub" sling for our first two girls which was and is still great for going walking etc, but isn't any use around the house as it takes too long to sort out and I can't see right in front of me enough to do things like dishes and laundry.  I love your sling already and will be recommending it to all my pregnant friends.  Rebekah.

I received sling on Thursday. Absolutely Perfect. Couldn't be happier. We used it today while strolling our local markets and Bub loved it and I was so comfortable I couldn't believe there was no shoulder pain at all.  Aimee.

Thanks again on a great sling xxx.... I have just found out my son has reflux and your sling worked wonders for him.  Kindest regards Melissa.

Just wanted to let you know that I love the baby sling. Each time I use it someone asks me where to get them from. So I hope you find that you'll be getting some Gold Coasters ordering off you! Good luck with your beautiful baby slings. Thank you again for my favourite accessory! Eliza.

I purchased one of your slings last week and I felt like I just had to write you an email to let you know how much my son and I LOVE it!! I had him in it for 4 hours straight today and my back is fine and he was as happy as a pig in mud. He is a big boy too. We tried one of the more expensive commercial slings but hated it. Just thought that I would let you know how thrilled I am with it! Thanks. Erin.

Hi, I just received my small sling. It is really great, my 10wk old has fallen asleep within 10 seconds literally. She is very comfy and snoozing. It is also very very comfy to do things around the house. I'll definitely recommend it to my other friends. A happy mum of a reflux baby, Amra (Qld)

I just wanted to say Thank you for making such a wonderful product. My family and I just spent 4 weeks in NZ and all we used was the sling. Matthew just loves it to bits. Everyone stopped and commented or asked where to get one, as they are so simple and wonderful all at the same time. Once again, Thank you so much. Sarah, Kalgoorlie WA.

I bought your sling when my baby was about 6 months old. I was very young when I had her and it really helped me bond with her and encouraged me to breastfeed her, to the point where I am still feeding her and she is now 18 months old. Thank you for such a simple yet fabulous invention. Mary.

Hi, just wanted to let you know the sling is fantastic. It arrived Monday and I have used it everyday since. Grocery shopping with a toddler and a newborn no longer petrifies me! I can continue to contain my two year old in the trolley and nurse the baby and still have both hands free. I have already recommended your sling to pregnant friends. Thank you for providing a great product for such a reasonable price. Kristy

Hi, I just got my sling and we have not stopped using it. My son loves it so much! The sling sits comfortably on my shoulder and I can actually breastfeed and cook at the same time. I have tried other carriers before and this is the first one I really enjoy wearing, It is so simple to use and I love the soft organic fabric. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Carla (WA).

I just wanted you to know how much we love the sling we purchased from you. Our fifth child was born in May and got colic when she was only two weeks old. I purchased a sling from you and you shipped it very quickly, I received it within a week. My daughter loves it! Which means I love it! She is a totally different baby. She cries a whole lot less, seems a lot more happy, and is adjusting to the outside world a lot better. Thank you!!! Shayna, Samaria, Idaho, USA.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my sling! I get comments from it wherever I go and always show them the little label so they can have a look themselves. I've even had people point in the shopping centre at it and nod their approval! It is fantastic for my son (7m) and daughter (nearly 2). So comfortable once you get the hang of how to wear it. Thank you! Hannah Panealuna (Adelaide, SA).

My mum bought one of your slings when my little guy was born. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! It is the best present I have had for him and he just loves it. Bub is now 5 months old and can sit up and see everything, flirt with the girlies and shopping is so much more enjoyable with him. No need to drag the pram out all the time. He sleeps easily in it and I have found a number of ways for him to sit in it comfortably. I love the fact that I have my hands free to play and cuddle with him. I can also feed him easily in it whilst walking around. This is a top product, so easy to use and comfy for both mum and bub. I cannot speak highly enough of the sling. AAA+++ for ease, comfort and quality. Kylie.

Just received sling in good order, baby loves it, very happy, wish I hadn't blown $120 on a buckle and strap carrier now!!! Thanks again. Alyson.

My 18 month and I still live in our sling and it has become my standard birth gift for family and friends. The best baby accessory I've found to date. I live without the hassle of a pram and know I can take my baby anywhere as she sleeps on the run! Many thanks yet again. Nola.