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Sizing is very important as the sling is made to fit snugly so that your baby is carried close to you and you both remain comfortable.
Please see our
instructions page and also tips and care for further carrying details.

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Size Chart (for chart information and tips, please see left sidebar text).

Nurture Sling Sizes

Body type and build
Shoulder to opposite hip
Weight & height
Fitted T-shirt size
Extra Small
Short and slim very petite
-55 cm
45-52 kg
-162 cm
XS 6-8
Small to average frame
55-61 cm
50-59 kg
160-168 cm
S 8-10
Average build and slim men
62-66 cm
58-69 kg
165 -177 cm
M 12-14
Fuller build and most men
67-72 cm
173-182 cm
L 16-18
Extra Large
Plus size and tall men/ broad shouldered
73-78 cm
85 kg+
XL 20+

Note: We are always more than happy to exchange your sling for another size if it does not fit correctly when purchased, see contact us for address and exchange details.

Please order the small if you are not sure between x-small and small as we can't always re-sell an xs sling if it does not fit you, a small we can re-sell or make smaller to an xs if need be.